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AI Insights Dashboard

Fine-tune and optimize your strategies


AI-based portfolio optimization applications providing an extensive range of features for investors

This AI-based portfolio optimization application provides an extensive range of features for investors. With unlimited runs, users can explore multiple scenarios and fine-tune their investment strategies. The portfolio builder allows users to construct personalized portfolios by selecting from a variety of assets and investment options. Powered by advanced AI, the optimizer intelligently analyzes historical data, market trends, and user preferences to generate optimized portfolio recommendations. This helps investors achieve their desired risk-return tradeoff and maximize potential returns. The comprehensive statistical tool suite enables users to perform in-depth analysis and evaluate the performance of their portfolios. From measuring portfolio volatility to assessing risk-adjusted returns, these tools provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. Included in the subscription is a structuring and feature request credit, allowing users to to unlock additional features or launch tailored investment products.

Perform in-depth analysis

The AI Insights Dashboard enables users to perform in-depth analysis and evaluate the performance of their portfolios. Included are:

  • Unlimited runs
  • Portfolio builder & optimizer
  • Statistical tool suite
  • Feature & structuring credit

Outperforming volatile markets with the most comprehensive AI engine for asset management

aisot's proprietary AI platfrom allows Asset Managers, Financial Advisors & Brokers to generate portfolios that can not only reflect customer preferences in stock and cryptocurrency markets at any given time but also optimize investment decisions through AI and issue them as fully automated financial products.