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Protect your portfolios with AI

For Family Offices


Protect your portfolios from volatility and drawdowns using our next generation, Machine Learning-based risk predictions combined with quantitative optimization.


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Navigate Market Volatility: Strategies to Avoid Financial Wipeouts

Since the 1950s, there has been a gradual increase in stock market volatility, leading many market observers and participants to believe that 'volatility is here to stay'. While market volatility isn't always negative, it's crucial to protect portfolios from significant drawdowns.

Market participants have varying levels of risk tolerance, but family offices often prioritize wealth preservation. Despite differences in investment styles, asset classes, and strategic or tactical allocations, there's a common goal to minimize downside volatility. This approach can be likened to surfing the market's upward trends while skillfully avoiding financial wipeouts.

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aisot AI Insights Platform ESG

Limiting Risks – the aisot Way

Traditionally, risk reduction in portfolio management has relied on quantitative elements like volatility, Value at Risk, and classic factor models.

However, the emergence of automated analysis of large datasets and modern Machine Learning technology is reshaping this approach. While aisot still considers traditional metrics like the volatility of individual assets, mutual dependence, and factor models for estimating portfolio risk, it now incorporates additional data from market and alternative sources. This includes integrating innovative risk methods that combine next-generation Machine Learning-based forecasting with advanced covariance estimators.

AI Insights Platform - Backtesting Period & Benchmark Selection

Backtesting period & benchmark selection on the AI Insights Platform.


The aisot AI Insights Platform – Your Strategy Supported by AI

AI Insights Platform - Volatility Target & Instrument Selection

Volatility target & instrument selection on the AI Insights Platform.

Aisot Technologies equips Family Offices with an AI-driven platform for crafting tailored investment strategies, emphasizing downside risk protection. The aisot AI Insights Platform simplifies portfolio management across diverse markets, offering advanced tools for risk evaluation, Machine Learning, and quantitative strategies, enhanced by comprehensive backtesting. It streamlines the investment process, reduces research costs, and enables effective investment decision-making with detailed insights into security selection and market opportunities. Additionally, the platform's Product Launchpad facilitates the quick creation of custom financial products, offering significant time and cost efficiencies. Aisot also provides full portfolio management services, ensuring a seamless experience in customized financial product development and management.

AI Insights Platform

Subscribing to the platform grants users access to the following features: 

  • Customized Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Generation and Optimization
  • Rapid Prototyping Tools
  • Explanatory Insights on Securities
  • Discovery and Analytics Tools
  • Product Launchpad Integration
  • Comprehensive Financial Product Management


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