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Structuring Expert Nikola Gander Joins Aisot Technologies

Nikola Gander, former Investment Solution Manager at GenTwo, joins Aisot Technologies, a leading artificial intelligence company focussed on supporting asset and wealth managers to select, structure and optimize their portfolios, as Head of Business Development.


Nikola Gander Head Business Development

Having played a strategic role in developing the digital asset offering for GenTwo, a leading Swiss securitization provider, Gander brings his expertise to Aisot Technologies, where he will focus on implementing the company's platform offering and delivering bespoke financial products. Stefan Klauser, CEO at Aisot Technologies comments: “With Nikola’s background encompassing investment banking, buy-side research, and private markets, Nikola’s appointment is expected to bolster Aisot Technologies' initiatives in the financial product landscape.”

During his time at GenTwo, Gander played a pivotal role in establishing a strong partner network for the company. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders such as Fireblocks and Coinbase, he contributed to GenTwo's reputation as a prominent platform for digital asset securitization. Furthermore, Gander supported the launch of note programs for financial institutions such as SEBA Bank and InCore Bank. 

As the Head of Business Development at Aisot Technologies, Gander's primary focus will be on expanding the firm's platform offering for financial services. By leveraging advanced analytics, quant and AI tools, as well as the possibility to launch customized financial products, Aisot Technologies aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the field of next generation platforms for modern asset and wealth management. 

Gander's academic background includes a degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, as well as studies in Economics, Digitalization, and Data Analytics at the University of St. Gallen. 

Expressing his enthusiasm about his new role, Gander commented, "Teaming up with the exceptional talents at Aisot Technologies, I am excited to channel my passion for artificial intelligence and drive the introduction of a new era of active management through the creation of bespoke financial products”. 

Aisot Technologies is looking forward to leveraging Gander’s extensive network and experience to forge new partnerships and accelerate growth, ensuring clients have access to tailored financial solutions. Alongside with Nikola Gander, aisot has successfully recruited two engineers with Google resp. Zurich Insurance Group backgrounds for financial machine learning and software development roles. The team at aisot is thrilled to onboard them in June resp. in July.