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aisot collaborates with MRB to provide fully automated investment products to institutional investors

Aisot Technologies AG, a leading provider of AI solutions for asset management, and MRB Fund Partners AG, experts in the structuring and management of sophisticated investment products, are working together to facilitate the introduction of fully automated investment products for institutional investors.

mrb - aisot

From left to right: Nikola Gander, Head of Business Development aisot; Markus Töllke, CEO & Partner at MRB; Nino Antulov-Fantulin, Head of Research & Co-Founder aisot

The collaboration between Aisot Technologies AG (aisot) and MRB Fund Partners AG (MRB) brings a host of benefits for institutional investors. By leveraging aisot's state-of-the-art AI solutions for asset management and MRB's expertise in structuring and managing sophisticated investment products, institutional investors can expect several advantages. First and foremost, the introduction of fully automated investment products makes the lives of institutional investors easier by optimizing their investment strategies and decision-making processes. The incorporation of AI technology allows for more efficient and accurate analysis of market trends, risk assessment, and portfolio management. This enhanced automation reduces manual errors and biases, leading to improved investment outcomes. Moreover, the collaboration between aisot and MRB facilitates the development of tailored investment products specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of institutional investors. By combining aisot's AI capabilities with MRB's proficiency in structuring investment products, institutional investors gain access to sophisticated and customized offerings. These solutions can address complex investment objectives, risk tolerance, and regulatory compliance, providing a competitive edge in the market.

As a first product of their collaboration, aisot and MRB have introduced a fully AI-driven Crypto AMC (Actively Managed Certificate). This is a bankable and transferable investment product with a Swiss ISIN code, enabling qualified investors worldwide to participate safely in the crypto market. aisot's AI platform provides the underlying technology for the new AMC, integrating various features such as cryptocurrency volatility forecasts, robust covariance estimates, factor models of cryptocurrency returns, and robust backtesting. The objective of the AMC is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a systematic basket of crypto coins and tokens, selected, adjusted, and rebalanced through a mix of mean-variance optimization and return views derived from Aisot Technologies' proprietary artificial intelligence engine. The certificate is a world-first and a new addition to the AMC landscape in Europe.

"We are excited to introduce the world's first fully AI-driven AMC in collaboration with MRB Fund Partners AG," said Stefan Klauser, CEO and Co-Founder of Aisot Technologies. "The introduction of AI-driven AMC as an in-house product is a natural addition to our AI Insights Platform, empowering asset managers to generate portfolios that not only reflect customer preferences in the stock and cryptocurrency markets at any given time but also optimize investment decisions through AI."

Markus Töllke, CEO & Partner at MRB Fund Partners AG, commented: "The partnership between MRB and aisot represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative investment products to institutional investors. By harnessing the power of AI technology provided by aisot, we can offer our clients a cutting-edge, bankable, and transferable investment product with a Swiss ISIN code, enabling them to safely engage in the crypto market."

The subscription period for the AMC is open as of today.

About MRB Fund Partners AG:
MRB Fund Partners AG is an expert in structuring and managing sophisticated investment products. MRB is 100% privately owned. As entrepreneurs, performance and reliability are of utmost importance to us. MRB Fund Partners AG was founded in Zurich in 1979. As an asset manager for collective investments, MRB has been supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) since 2009, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of management and regulation.