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aisot Crypto Model Portfolios Launch

aisot is backing the world's first AI-driven crypto AMCs to be launched shortly. Get an understanding how aisot’s Crypto portfolios work. 

aisot’s portfolio universe is composed of up to 100 cryptocurrencies. It includes different crypto coins and tokens that are designed as payment protocols, smart-contracts, or services like Decentralized Finance, data on blockchain, and others. 

Through the aisot AI platform, partners can select individual cryptocurrencies and tokens and assign a target risk. Moreover, they can allocate a cash contribution range as well as trading fees. The platform then trains the model with the given input, choses the weights at each rebalancing and runs the backtesting to derive performance statistics and PnL. 

To estimate the portfolio risk, our AI engine takes into account the volatility of the individual assets and their mutual dependence, factoring in different risk methods. aisot’s alpha forecast engine is based on return forecasts with an uncertainty component by an ensemble of cutting-edge machine learning models. Risk and alpha components are finally joined together into an optimal outcome. 

This way, aisot can flexibly calculate thousands of crypto portfolio variants in real-time, showing favorable risk / reward ratios. 

Some of these model portfolios will be launched as ETPs / AMCs together with our partners. So stay tuned for updates.

coin distribution
Example of cryptocurrencies allocations of an automated, AI optimized crypto portfolio since Jan 2021. 

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