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aisot set to boost MNEmex Trading profits

aisot delivers its BTC signals to MNEmex for the next generation crypto trading and market making.

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Mnemex Trading, the innovative high frequency trading organization based in Switzerland, specializes in complex algorithmic trading of digital assets with a portfolio of strategies ranging from low latency electronic market making to machine learning based order-book scalping. aisot will provide Mnemex Trading signals to operate on higher time frames needed to reach higher margins in trading and market making. The collaboration brings together two influential names in digital assets, aisot as a first class technology provider and Mnemex Trading as a leading prop trading crypto organization.

aisot delivers next generation volatility and returns forecasts on a minute by minute basis. Trading started in November 2020 and first results will be announced very soon.

“The digital assets market needs professional signal providers. Working with Mnemex on BTC trading is an ideal case for both of us as we can jointly optimize the signals for their trading and market making strategies. I look forward to a long-term collaboration between aisot and Mnemex.” said aisot CEO Stefan Klauser.

Julien M, co-founder and head of trading at MNEmex commented: “Teaming up with aisot is clearly a win-win situation. Using aisot’s signals in our live trading and market making operations will allow us to diversify our strategy portfolio and increase our profits, while we deliver first-hand insights and feedback for their models. So far, we have not been able to generate high precision models for longer time frames (above a minute). We are confident our collaboration with aisot will allow us to get there." 

aisot is planning to incorporate a live view of Mnemex' trading results on the aisot website in the coming weeks.

About aisot:
aisot offers real-time data and signals for financial markets. aisot develops competitive innovations by applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning. Operating on a Data (Analytics) as a Service model (DaaS) allows aisot to cost-effectively deliver best-in-class products to customers. 

About Mnemex:
Mnemex Trading is an innovative high frequency trading boutique based in Switzerland. Mnemex specializes in complex algorithmic trading of digital assets. The portfolio of strategies ranges from low latency electronic market making to machine learning based order-book scalping.

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