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Aisot Technologies Unveils AI Insights Platform for Equities

Media Release

Aisot Technologies, a leader in advanced artificial intelligence solutions for professional and institutional investors, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the AI Insights Platform for Equities. This state-of-the-art platform is designed to transform the way investors design, validate, and customize investment strategies at scale, providing unprecedented actionable, real-time analytical capabilities and insights for the stock market.

aisot - AI Insights Platform for Equities

Picture: aisot AI Insights Platform - Portfolio Overview View


The launch of the new solution – exclusively for professional and institutional investors – is following a successful pre-launch phase that involved European and US financial institutions including funds, asset managers and family offices using the platform over the past months to support their investment decisions.

The AI Insights Platform for Equities harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to deliver deep, actionable insights into equity markets. The platform is equipped with personalization features such as volatility targets, asset weightings, turnover rates, and in a later release also ESG factors. Customers can get individual portfolio recommendations down to the level of individual securities. By seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology and comprehensive insights, aisot is set to usher in a transformative era of multi-asset management, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of financial strategies and investment methodologies.

With its easy-to-use interface the platform not only allows users to construct personalized portfolios by selecting from a universe of equities and customization options such as portfolio volatility and downside risks, but also generates optimized model portfolios and empowers users to seamlessly readjust their current portfolios, delivering the most accurate trading insights tailored to each client’s specific cost structures. Analyzing millions of data points from the markets, news and alternative data sources to study market regimes and provide unbiased market views across asset classes, geographies, and sectors, the platform is adapted to the needs of asset allocation and portfolio management. 

Stefan Klauser, CEO & Co-founder of aisot, commented: "We envision a future where asset management is seamlessly blended with technological innovation and human expertise. The AI Insights Platform embodies the culmination of the latest advancements in AI and quant approaches as well as the invaluable experience aisot has accumulated through the collaboration with our institutional clients. This user-friendly, no-code platform empowers investment professionals by leveraging AI-driven insights for designing, validating, customizing, and dynamically rebalancing portfolios in real time.” The AI Insights Platform for Equities, initially focusing on U.S. stocks, will launch its first phase. Subsequently, during the first quarter of 2024, aisot plans to expand its coverage to include additional markets such as SPI, Euronext, and FTSE, among others. Starting from the second quarter of 2024, the platform will further broaden its scope by incorporating various other asset classes.


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