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aisot's AI-Powered Crypto Portfolio: A Three-Month Performance Overview

In early October, aisot launched a fully AI-powered Crypto portfolio, representing a major advancement in merging artificial intelligence with cryptocurrency investment strategies. In the first three months after its debut, this portfolio achieved a remarkable +72% return after fees, outperforming Bitcoin's +53% return in the same period.

The AI-driven Crypto portfolio by aisot offers an innovative avenue for qualified investors around the globe to engage with the cryptocurrency market. Utilizing aisot's advanced AI technology, this portfolio integrates a suite of features including predictive analysis of cryptocurrency volatility, comprehensive covariance assessments, sophisticated factor models for cryptocurrency returns, and thorough backtesting procedures.

aisot amc update jan 2024 web

Live performance record of aisot's AI-driven Crypto AMC

The primary aim of this portfolio is to foster long-term capital growth. This is achieved by investing in a systematically curated mix of crypto coins and tokens. The selection, adjustment, and rebalancing of these investments are skillfully conducted through a combination of mean-variance optimization and AI-driven return projections unique to aisot's technology.

Comprising a diverse investment universe of 21 crypto coins and tokens, the portfolio's composition and rebalancing are guided by aisot’s proprietary AI engine, employing mean-variance optimization along with its own AI-generated insights on returns, ensuring a dynamic and responsive investment strategy in the rapidly evolving crypto market.


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