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Finovate Spring 2021: Demo

At Finovate Spring 2021, we were delighted to demo our signals for portfolio optimization, forecasts and analytics. Watch the full video below.

As an industry first, our directly actionable signals cover clearly defined time horizons and can be configured for your use cases. Thanks to dynamically combining different data sources with mixed characteristics and our proprietary machine learning algorithms, our signals achieve high precision and reliability scores and a reduction of forecasting errors of up to 50%. This brings a high potential to increase your returns and / or reduce your risk exposure.


aisot data analytics and forecasts can be integrated with a few lines of code only and can be directly used in your trading, market making and asset management environment. So even if they are high tech, aisot services are always easy to use. 


And the best thing, you get fast-track access to new and statistically relevant information. No need to access, clean and process the data and build your own model. 

So aisot saves you lots of development hours and computation resources.


Interested? We'll provide you with access to our dashboard. 

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