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Code the future of trading and investment signals

aisot is looking for software developers and data scientists. We share a passion for predictive analytics, quant finance and machine learning. Join a fast-growing venture and become a part of aisot’s future success.

aisot provides next generation analytics and forecasts for financial markets and beyond. Since launching in September 2019, we’ve grown to support leading digital asset banks and trading companies. Customers love what we’re building, and we’re looking for skilled and creative individuals to join our global pool of talents. While we are a network of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, it is our current mission to bring together the best developers and data scientists. aisot talents are to be pioneers of new predictive technologies and can actively contribute to the future of predictive analytics.

aisot is redefining how data-driven decisions are being made, providing actionable real-time signals. We achieve this through so-called temporal mixture ensemble models. The method dynamically combines different data sources with mixed characteristics. In other words, it is capable of adaptively exploiting different sources of data, such as transactions, news and social media patterns at the same time and providing a target point estimate, as well as its uncertainty for the forecast. We send our actionable signals through Websocket/API.

We're backed by a leading European VC and founders from globally leading Data Science and ML labs such as ETH Zurich. This is an opportunity to join an early-stage venture as one of the first talents and have work that directly impacts the future of predictive signals. No matter where you're based, you’ll be part of a group of people working together to build solutions to critical issues in financial services. Whether you're a student, new grad or have years of experience, let’s talk. Please visit our careers page and send us your application materials. 


aisot - code the future