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Launching a new era of active management

aisot is introducing a next-generation active management AI platform built for Asset Managers, Financial Advisors & Brokers. 


What may sound simple is a world first. The AI platform will allow asset managers to generate portfolios that can not only reflect customer preferences in stock and cryptocurrency markets at any given time but also optimize investment decisions through AI and issue them as fully automated financial products. The product has been developed by aisot after three years of intensive development and collaborations with selected test clients. 

The new AI platform enables asset managers, financial advisors, and brokers to minimize risks and offer profitable, fully personalized products such as portfolios at an affordable price, even in highly volatile markets like the cryptocurrency sector. aisot is the only company in the market that covers both traditional assets and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its expertise, aisot can open the door to asset classes that were previously considered too volatile for risk-averse investors. 

Anticipating the release of the fully integrated AI Insights platform, aisot is launching three modular services: AI Insights Dashboard, Custom Feature Suite, and Product Launch Pad. 


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