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aisot to back the world's first AI-driven crypto AMC

The real-time forecasting engine of Aisot Technologies AG, a Swiss provider of real-time AI trading and asset management products, will provide the underlying technology for a new AMC that will be launched in the near future.


The new AMC will be a long only product, composed from a universe of 25 cryptocurrencies and target lower volatility levels than Bitcoin while aiming for outperformance. The certificate will be a world-first and new addition to the AMC landscape in Europe.

Strengthening our strategic cooperation, we are teaming up with some of the fastest-growing crypto players on the continent. Stay tuned for more news on aisot-powered AMCs.


aisot_portfolio_vs_benchmarks_april 22

Backtesting of two aisot strategies:

  • “aisot minimum variance” focuses on risk minimization
  • “aisot alpha blended” focuses on the combination of ML forecast models together with risk tools.





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