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UX Wealth adds aisot’s AI portfolio products to its model marketplace

Aisot Technologies is delighted to announce a new partnership with UX Wealth to help to put the platform’s RIAs ahead of volatile markets.

UX Wealth, the leading turnkey platform for RIA’s wanting access to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) investment technologies, is spearheading the paradigm shift in investment management. aisot will be providing AI-driven portfolio strategies on UX Wealth’s model marketplace, enabling RIAs to decrease uncertainty while generating alpha. The first aisot model available on the UX Wealth platform is Aisot AI/ML S&P 500. Aisot AI/ML S&P 500 trades S&P 500 stocks. At weekly rebalancings on Fridays, the fully automated systematic AI engine gathers all data needed, retrains the model, selects the top 10 ranked stocks by our ML model, and allocates an equal dollar amount to each. A sector risk overlay prevents strong sector concentration.  

Kyle Wiggs, CEO and Co-Founder of UX Wealth: “We support RIAs to gain the upper hand over the Robo-advisor and traditional competitors, by using our seamless platform to get exposure to some of the best AI strategies in the world. Adding the aisot portfolio to our platform is another step that demonstrates that we are at the forefront of taking up cutting-edge strategies from the most promising teams on the planet.”

Stefan Klauser, CEO and Co-Founder of aisot, commented: “It is our mission to turn data into performance and to democratize access to cutting-edge AI in asset management. By making AI an integral part of the portfolio management and optimization process, aisot offers configurable solutions that perform. We’re excited to partner with the progressive UX Wealth team and make our products available on UX Wealth’s platform for RIAs.” 

In the future, aisot and UX Wealth are planning to add other strategies in the U.S. equity and crypto spaces. So stay tuned for updates.

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