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Navigating the Future of Wealth Management: Introducing aisot client M.P. Korolainen Oy

In this insightful interview, we delve into the dynamic world of wealth management with M.P. Korolainen Oy, a Finnish family office with a unique trajectory led by Karri-Pekka Korolainen. Learn about the family office’s initial focus on traditional long-only equity investments to their recent embrace of AI-driven solutions provided by aisot. 




aisot: What does M.P. Korolainen Oy do?
Karri-Pekka: M. P. Korolainen Oy is primarily focused on preserving and growing the family office’s financial assets. Initially relying on standard wealth management solutions provided by banks, over the last two years we've transitioned to an actively managed fund under our own management. This transition involved venturing into equities beyond Finland and incorporating digital assets into our portfolio.

aisot: How did you hear about aisot?
Karri-Pekka: In April 2023, our interest was sparked when Stefan Klauser discussed the game-changing potential of AI in optimizing equity and crypto investments on RealVision. The novel possibilities presented by aisot captured our interest.

aisot: Have you used AI for investment purposes before?
Karri-Pekka: This marks our initial foray into using AI for portfolio management. The key distinction lies in the fact that insights from aisot are entirely actionable, allowing us to leverage the signals in a manner that aligns with our strategy. After five months of utilizing the signals, we are pleased with the results, having allocated a specific portion of our portfolio to employ the aisot signals.

aisot: What triggered your decision to use AI in the portfolio creation process?
Karri-Pekka: The decision to incorporate AI into our portfolio creation process was a smooth transition. With aisot's offerings, we perceive no risk, as we maintain full control over our portfolios. The user-friendly nature of the products and their seamless integration into our investment process made the decision straightforward.

aisot: Are you planning to run more portfolios in the future?
Karri-Pekka: Lately, we have expanded our usage to include the AI Insights Platform, engaging in several projects on the platform. Our plan is to continue using aisot in the future. Communication with aisot has been smooth, and integrating their solutions has been straightforward. Witnessing how aisot's signals have performed in the last six months, even in highly volatile markets, has been particularly intriguing.