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Learn more about Aisot Technologies and how AI empowers asset management.

Navigating the Future of Wealth Management: Introducing aisot client M.P. Korolainen Oy

In this insightful interview, we delve into the dynamic world of wealth management with M.P. Korolainen Oy, a Finnish family office with a unique trajectory led by Karri-Pekka Korolainen. Learn about the family office’s initial focus on traditional long-only equity investments to their recent embrace of AI-driven solutions provided by aisot. 

ML10: October Update

In the month of October 2022, aisot ML10 had a performance of +9.5%, compared with +8% of the S&P...

UX Wealth & aisot webinar

On October 3, 2022, Kyle Wiggs, Founding Partner at UX Wealth, discussed the launch of aisot's ...

UX Wealth adds aisot’s AI portfolio products to its model marketplace

Aisot Technologies is delighted to announce a new partnership with UX Wealth to help to put the...

Outperforming the benchmarks: aisot’s equity portfolio products

Everyone wants to know what’s to come—right? Even more so investment managers. Leveraging the power...

aisot expands client base & services

aisot is adding a high frequency trading company to its test customers.

Crypto Finance Group launches pilot with aisot signals

aisot today announced that Crypto Finance Group is testing aisot’s analytic and predictive signals....