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Mastering Portfolio Construction: A Comprehensive Introduction to the AI Insights Platform

In today's dynamic and challenging financial landscape, the role of AI in enhancing portfolio management is becoming indispensable. The AI Insights Platform stands at the forefront of this evolution, adeptly navigating the complexities of the financial markets. It empowers investment professionals with critical insights and tailored strategies, anchored in its cutting-edge functionalities. The focus has shifted from whether to integrate AI in portfolio construction to how the AI Insights Platform can streamline and optimize this process. The AI Insights Platform transforms the portfolio construction journey, imbuing it with its unique technological prowess. This enables investment managers to efficiently devise personalized portfolios with ease. Let’s take a closer look at how the AI Insights Platform redefines each phase of this sophisticated portfolio building process.

Backtesting Period & Benchmark Selection

The AI Insights Platform streamlines the process for investment managers by offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the selection of both backtesting periods and benchmarks. This convenience and flexibility allow managers to tailor their portfolios to meet exact specifications and investment goals with just a few clicks. As a result, investment managers are empowered to craft strategies and portfolios that are finely tuned to their unique objectives and requirements.

AI Insights Platform - Backtesting Period & Benchmark Selection

Volatility Targets & Instrument Selection

The AI Insights Platform elevates the customization experience for investment managers, offering unparalleled ease in setting volatility targets and selecting their preferred investment universe. With its user-friendly and streamlined interface, the platform ensures that managers have the flexibility and precision to work with their desired assets, tailoring their strategies to their specific needs with minimal effort.
AI Insights Platform - Volatility Target & Instrument Selection


The AI Insights Platform revolutionizes portfolio management by making the setting of portfolio constraints a straightforward and efficient process. It enables investment managers to meticulously align their portfolios with their strategic vision. Managers have the capability to implement asset allocation constraints, set precise minimum or maximum weight limits for specific instruments, and introduce specialized constraints for individual assets. This comprehensive control ensures strict adherence to predefined rules and objectives, significantly bolstering risk management and the precision of strategy implementation.

AI Insights Platform - Restrictions

Performance & Composition

In the final stage of portfolio creation, investment managers can activate their projects with a simple click on 'run project.' This action prompts the platform to dynamically produce portfolios that perfectly align with their specified criteria.

The AI Insights Platform is distinguished by its remarkable adaptability. It responds nimbly to market fluctuations, fine-tuning portfolios to consistently align with predefined constraints, risk profiles, and strategic goals. Among its output features are comprehensive backtests and key statistics like Sharpe and Sortino Ratios, maximum drawdown, and returns. Additionally, users gain access to a suite of integrated tools, including flexible rebalancing options (daily, weekly, monthly), the Product Launchpad, and, as a premium offering, explainability tools.

Revolutionizing portfolio construction, the AI Insights Platform introduces unparalleled simplicity and precision. It provides investment professionals with robust tools to seamlessly create tailored portfolios, meeting their unique needs with ease. This functionality allows them to navigate the complexities of the financial markets effectively, fostering client confidence and delivering exceptional value.
AI Insights Platform - Performance & Composition


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