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aisot launches the AI Insights Platform to enable scaling of personalized investing

Media Release

Aisot Technologies (aisot) announced today the successful launch of its AI Insights Platform. The proprietary, cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution empowers asset and wealth managers to offer personalized investment portfolios at scale. The cutting-edge platform integrates various approaches from machine learning, AI, and quantitative finance, establishing itself as one of the most advanced and independent AI platforms in the financial industry.

aisot AI Insights Platform - Portfolio View

Picture: aisot AI Insights Platform - Portfolio Overview View

aisot's AI roadmap is designed to build, validate, and customize investment strategies while ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality. The platform's launch marks a new era in asset management, empowering investors to effortlessly create highly tailored portfolios with ease and scalability.

This milestone coincides with the platform's onboarding of its inaugural clients. Following the successful introduction of a fully AI-driven investment product for digital assets and an AI-optimized portfolio of S&P 500 titles, the AI Insights Platform stands as a pivotal achievement in aisot's history. Over the past three years, aisot’s team of software engineers and experts in ML, Deep Learning, LLM, and Quant Finance have dedicated their efforts to developing this highly complex product.

"AI holds the potential to fundamentally transform financial services," stated Stefan Klauser, CEO & Co-Founder of aisot. "As a digital-first company, we conscientiously push technological boundaries while upholding core principles and stringent controls. Our relentless focus remains on our customers, shaping the platform based on their evolving needs in terms of performance, personalization and scalability."

aisot AI Insights Platform

Personalization and Real-time Optimization

aisot drives the emerging sector of AI solutions for asset management, enabling asset managers, financial advisors, and brokers to offer unique, tailored portfolios on a large scale, encompassing both traditional assets and cryptocurrencies. The platform consists of three main components: the AI Insights Dashboard, the Custom Feature Suite, and the Product Launch Pad.

The AI Insights Dashboard offers a plethora of features for investors. With unlimited runs, users can explore multiple scenarios and fine-tune their investment strategies. The integrated portfolio builder allows users to create personalized portfolios by selecting from a variety of assets and investment opportunities. The optimizer analyzes historical data, market trends, and user preferences to generate optimized portfolio recommendations, helping investors achieve their desired risk-return ratio and maximize potential returns. The comprehensive statistical toolkit allows users to conduct in-depth analyses and evaluate their portfolios' performance.

The Custom Features Suite allows aisot's clients to vote for additional features they would like to see integrated into the platform. Features currently available include news sentiment analysis from large language models, ESG components as portfolio constraints, factor-based investment models, advanced risk models, and specialized machine learning models.

The Product Launch Pad offers the unique capability to launch structured notes, providing a seamless and efficient way to transform investment strategies into liquid and tradable securities. The Product Launch Pad covers the full spectrum of services related to structured notes, from strategy implementation and execution to life-cycle management. The platform allows regulated clients to rebalance strategies at their discretion, providing flexibility and control over the investment process. 

aisot AI Insights Platform - ESG

Picture: aisot AI Insights Platform - Fee, Benchmark & ESG View


Swiss-developed AI Technology

Since its foundation in 2019, aisot has secured approximately 2.6 million USD in capital. In the recent funding round completed in March of this year, aisot raised 2 million USD. This infusion of capital primarily aims to bolster the growing team of AI engineers and financial specialists. In recent months, aisot has attracted talents from industry leaders such as Google, InvestCloud, and GenTwo. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Petter Kolm, a multi-award-winning professor of financial mathematics at New York University and former researcher at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, has committed to supporting the company as a long-term advisor, bringing his expertise in applying AI in asset management to the company.


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